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Catastrophic Risks

APCIA Encourages Policyholders to Know Their Coverage Options

Natural catastrophes can happen anywhere in the country. From drought and wildfires, to tornadoes and hurricanes, to flooding and winter storms, the cost of natural disasters is rising. Through the APCIA Catastrophic Risk headquarters, we are committed to helping policyholders better understand their insurance policies and take steps to be financially as well as physically prepared for severe weather, natural disasters and other emergencies.

Additionally, as a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador, APCIA continues to engage in partnerships with federal, state and local emergency managers and insurers in order to help save lives, lessen the rising costs of disasters, and speed up the rate in which emergency managers and insurers can assist residents with the recovery process.

APCIA continues to push important real-time information on our social media websites to help those in potential impacted areas be prepared for natural disasters. Follow us on Twitter @TeamAPCIA and visit our headquarters pages for insurance information and preparedness tips for each type of event.

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