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Oklahoma Enacts E-Delivery Legislation

Policyholders in 21 States can Access Insurance Information through E-Card, E-Delivery and E-Posting

Oklahoma is the most recent state to allow insurers to conduct policyholder communications digitally. With SB 372 Oklahoma insurers will have the ability to meet the increased demand by consumers who want to do business electronically. Over the past several years Oklahoma and 20 other states have enacted legislation that expand access to insurance information by adopting electronic posting of insurance policies, electronic delivery of insurance information and allowing drivers to use electronic proof of insurance.

PCI is a strong advocate for new laws and regulations that will give insurance customers more choice, convenience and flexibility in managing their insurance. Now there is a growing number of states that are embracing the idea of allowing consumers to have greater electronic access to their insurance information.

Currently 46 states have ecard laws or regulations enabling consumers to electronically show proof of insurance, 35 states allow electronic delivery of insurance documents and 25 states allow insurance documents to be posted and accessed on a website. The following outlines the progress being made on this issue.


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Electronic Posting of Insurance Policies
PCI supports legislation that allows consumers to view their insurance policy as well as other documents and information online. There are currently 25 states that have approved laws that will allow consumers to access their insurance policy through a website.

Electronic Delivery of Insurance Information
Two-thirds of the states (34) have adopted legislation that enable insurers to conduct all policyholder transactions over the internet with the consumer’s consent.

Electronic Proof of Insurance
There are now 46 state with e-card laws or regulations that allow drivers to show evidence of insurance with their smart phone during a traffic stop. In 2011, no states allowed drivers to use their cell phone to show proof of insurance in a traffic stop and today more than three-fourths of the states have enacted laws or adopted regulations.

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