ACIC Transitions to PCI Western Region Office

Effective Jan. 4, 2018, ACIC will officially be known as the PCI Western Region office. This is the final step of the 2012 merger of the Association of California Insurance Companies (ACIC) and PCI. There will be no changes to the top-notch advocacy, information, and compliance services provided to member companies.

ACIC has a long and distinguished history as a respected thought leader and advocacy voice with key policymakers and the media since its inception in 1954. ACIC was purchased in 2004 by PCI, and then merged into PCI in 2012. Since 2012, PCI has been doing business in California as ACIC. The final phasing out of the ACIC name will help reinforce PCI's brand across the country and eliminate any confusion or dilution of the PCI advocacy advantage. It also will provide more consistency for PCI members outside of California, while creating more efficiencies across all PCI offices.

For more on PCI’s advocacy, information, and compliance services, explore the PCI home page.