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Alaska and Oregon Experience Large Earthquakes
PCI Urges Americans to Think about the Earthquake Potential in their Area


In August, a powerful magnitude 6.2 earthquake off Coos Bay in Oregon was felt more than 200 miles away in Portland and the Alaskan North Slope experienced a record-setting 6.4 earthquake, shaking the region. These events highlights the importance of all Americans recognizing that they are at some risk for earthquakes.

Advance preparation, both physically and financially, with adequate insurance, is the key to earthquake recovery. Use PCI’s Earthquake Preparedness Toolkit and learn the steps to take before, during and after an earthquake. PCI says one critical component of preparedness is understanding your insurance policy and knowing what is and what is not covered. It is vital residents be aware that earthquake damage is not covered in a standard homeowners insurance policy and must be purchased as a separate policy.

Despite the risk of earthquakes from Alaska to Maine, the take up rate for earthquake insurance remains low at about 10 percent. All residents, particularly those in states such as California, Oklahoma and Washington which are at high risk of experiencing earthquakes, should talk with their insurance agent or company about earthquake coverage.

PCI has made available many other resources and links to information on earthquake preparation and insurance. Follow us on Twitter @PCIAA where we will share tips and information on how to prepare for earthquakes.