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Another Large Earthquake Shakes Oklahoma; PCI Offers Preparation Tools


The magnitude 5.0 earthquake that struck Cushing, Oklahoma in November is a reminder for homeowners, renters and businesses to consider purchasing earthquake insurance coverage. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) estimates that nearly half of all Americans are at some risk for damaging earthquakes. Approximately 57 million people live in areas with a moderate chance for damaging earthquakes and 28 million are in states with high potential.

Surprisingly, some areas in Oklahoma face a similar earthquake potential as California’s high-risk areas. But in Oklahoma and as well as on the West Coast, where the risk is well known, only around 10 percent of homeowners purchase earthquake coverage.

There is generally little to no warning that a quake is about to occur, so advance preparation, both physically and financially with adequate insurance is the key to earthquake recovery.

A critical component of preparedness is understanding your insurance policy and knowing what is and what is not covered. It is vital residents be aware that earthquake damage is not covered in a standard homeowners insurance policy and must be purchased as a separate policy. Use PCI’s Earthquake Preparedness Toolkit and learn the steps to take before, during and after an earthquake.

PCI has made available many other resources and links to information on earthquake preparation and insurance. Follow us on Twitter @PCIAA where we will share tips and information on how to prepare for earthquakes.