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Alaska Experiences Another Large Earthquake
APCIA Urges Americans to Think about the Earthquake Potential in their Area


Alaska was rocked by a major 7.0 magnitude earthquake Nov. 30, 2018 just north of downtown Anchorage. The event resulted in infrastructure damage, buckling many roads as well as property damage. Experts say it was the second most intense quake since the Great Alaskan Earthquake of 1964, which registered a 9.2.

Due to strong building codes in Alaska, property damage is expected to be relatively minor. Insurers are on hand to answer questions and APCIA’s Earthquake Preparedness Toolkit provides the steps to take before, during and after an earthquake.

This recent earthquake and the one in August, a powerful magnitude 6.2 earthquake off Coos Bay in Oregon, serve as reminders that advance preparation, both physically and financially, with adequate insurance, is the key to earthquake recovery.

While standard homeowners policies do not include earthquake coverage, it is available as a separate policy. Unfortunately, the take up rate for earthquake insurance remains low at about 10 percent. All residents, particularly those in states such as Alaska, California, Oklahoma and Washington which are at high risk of experiencing earthquakes, should talk with their insurance agent or company about earthquake coverage.

APCIA has made available many other resources and links to information on earthquake preparation and insurance. Follow us on Twitter @TeamAPCIA where we will share tips and information on how to prepare for earthquakes.