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It’s the Peak of Hurricane Season; Coastal Residents are urged to Stay Vigilant

Tropical storm activity has increased significantly since the U.S. entered the peak of hurricane season. In the 30 days between Aug. 16 and Sept. 16, four tropical storms and two hurricanes have formed.

Both Tropical Storm Imelda and Hurricane Dorian serve as strong reminders that storms of all sizes can have a devastating impact on a community, region or entire state. However, there are some simple steps that residents and business owners can take to help them prepare before a storm hits.

1. Put safety first by developing an emergency supply kit and an evacuation plan for your family, including your pets.

2. Talk with your insurance agent or company and review your property insurance policy to make sure you understand your coverage and options.

3. Create an inventory that lists or documents the contents of your home or business. This will be helpful in accounting for damaged or destroyed property.

4. Check to see if you have flood insurance because flood damage is not covered by standard homeowners policies.

APCIA has a wide range of resources available to help homeowners and business prepare and recover from hurricane season and we remind everyone to educate themselves about their insurance protection and how it works. Follow us on Twitter @TeamAPCIA and use #HurricanePrep or #HaveAPlan to keep the conversation going.