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Improve Florida’s Legal Environment; Stand up for Lawsuit Abuse Reform
Florida’s legal environment has too often been abused by trial lawyers seeking to game the auto insurance system in order to file lawsuits and generate revenues for themselves at the expense of small businesses, families, consumers and job creators. The actions of the trial bar to exploit Florida’s third-party bad-faith rule was responsible for approximately $814 million in additional costs statewide, for all insured vehicles in 2013 alone.

PCI supports common sense reform that encourages certainty, fair settlements, ensures the fairness of Florida’s legal system and protects consumers.

PCI hopes to shield Floridians from higher insurance costs, combat fraud and prevent added lawsuits from clogging up the Florida court system.

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PCI Commends House Subcommittee on Civil Justice for Addressing Bad Faith Lawsuits and Assignment of Benefits in Florida

Protecting Florida Consumers is PCI’s Top Legislative Priority


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