How to Get the Most Out of APCIA’s Information Resources

Members rely on a wealth of online information and compliance tools produced by the American Property Casualty Insurance Association. This page will help you get familiar with the APCIA website (formerly the PCI website) and access those resources. It has been created with former members of the American Insurance Association in mind, but may be helpful to all members.

APCIA Website Training Sessions

Sign up for a webinar tutorial on using the APCIA website. We are hosting a total of six sessions, beginning January 10 through January 24.

The Compliance Deeper Dive tutorial will take a deeper look at the Compliance Information publications available on the APCIA website. We are hosting a total of two sessions on February 5 and February 6. Sign up here.

If you are looking for...

AIA Access, please see the Legislation and Regulation Database.

CEO Updates, please try the CEO Alerts and the Weekly Digest.

Enacted Legislation Reports, please try the Enacted Law Bulletins.

End of Session Reports, please try the Legislative Wrap-Ups.

First Read, please subscribe to APCIA SmartBrief.

Legal Research/50 State Surveys, please try CompliAssist™.

Loss Control Database, please try the Accident Prevention Compliance for Insurers and Loss Control Bulletins.

Political Environment Report, please try the Legal Landscape (you will need to select the state), or the State Landing Page, which can be found under Advocacy, State, and then select the relevant state.

State Affairs Highlights, please try State Capital Bulletins.

State Insurance Department Activity Report, please try Adopted Regulation Bulletins and Proposed Regulation Bulletins.

A summary of the current political, regulatory and judicial environment in a particular state, try the State Environment Report.


Please note that the State Tax Guide for 2019 will be published in January.


If you have any questions, please contact Courtney Thomas at 847-553-3602 or Carol Emory at 847-553-3805.