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Fall Tornado Season Starts to Heat Up
New Study Highlights Geographic Shift in Tornado Hazard 

November typically brings an uptick in the tornado count, particularly in the Southeast. Residents in tornado-prone states should be vigilant for severe weather.

However, a new study has found that since the 1980s there has been increased tornado frequency in the Eastern United States, particularly in portions of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky, and decreased activity generally in the Southern and Central Plains states which have been traditionally considered “Tornado Alley.”

No matter where tornadoes occur, they often develop rapidly and with little warning, so advance preparation is vital. We encourage consumers to know the warning signals used in their community and to be prepared to take cover when alerted. Maintaining an emergency storm kit with a radio, flashlight, batteries and first-aid items is the first step in preparation. However, being fully prepared includes a review of your insurance policies and discussing coverage options with your insurance agent or company.

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