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Late Season Tornado Outbreaks Do Occur; APCIA Urges Residents to Stay Alert for Severe Weather

Deadly tornado outbreaks remain a viable threat in November and December for parts of the U.S., which highlights the importance of remaining vigilant this time of year.

Dallas experienced more than $1 billion in damage from tornadoes that struck Oct. 20 and New Jersey Pennsylvania residents were surprised when EF 1 and EF 2 twister produced damage on Halloween. Tornadoes can occur rapidly and with little warning, so advanced preparation is very important.

We encourage consumers to know the warning signals used in their community and be prepared to take cover when alerted. Maintaining an emergency storm kit with a radio, flashlight, batteries and first-aid items is the first step in preparation. Taking appropriate steps also includes a review of your insurance policies and a discussion of coverage options with your insurance agent or company.

APCIA's Tornado Headquarters offers vital information for those impacted by tornadoes, as well as preparedness tips for those living in tornado-prone areas. Follow us on Twitter @TeamAPCIA and use #becovered as we continue to provide tips on what to do before and after a tornado.