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APCIA Says This is the Time to Prepare for Wildfire Season

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, the nation as entered the period - December through early February - when the least fire activity is observed. However, wildfires remain a serious threat as dry conditions still exist in some areas.

APCIA says this is an excellent time to begin taking steps to get financially and physically prepared for wildfires. Everyone needs to be active insurance consumers, which means calling your agent or company yearly to discuss your coverage needs. The two most important financial preparation steps that can be taken include updating your insurance and making a home inventory. Homeowners and renters should also mitigate against wildfire by clearing debris and landscaping materials 100 feet from your home.

The threat of wildfire will increase very soon and APCIA’s Wildfire Headquarters offers vital information help those at risk for wildfire to get prepared. Share the information and keep the conversation about preparation going! Follow @TeamAPCIA on Twitter using #wildfireprep.