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2017 Wildfire Season in Full Swing, PCI Says It is Time to get Wildfire Ready


Wildfire season is underway and according to the National Fire Information Center, large fire activity continues in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico where 16 large fires have burned more than 116,000 acres. The current outlook for July calls for above average wildland fire activity in Nevada, parts of California and Hawaii. However, parts of the Southwest, including Texas should remain alert as high temperatures have the potential to create hazardous conditions. Meanwhile many Western states will have a delayed and compressed wildfire season given the slow snowpack melt. Increasing temperatures have arrived and wildfire season is in full swing.

PCI is committed to helping ensure that homeowners and communities are fully prepared for wildfires. Now is the time to take a “Wildfire Reality Check" and find out if your finances are prepared for a wildfire.  Renters and homeowners should use our resources below to create a home inventory documenting all your belongings with your smart phone. This will make recovery and rebuilding much easier should a fire occur.  Renters and homeowners should also complete an insurance check up by calling your agent or company to update your insurance.  These few simple steps can protect your finances from a catastrophic fire.  Learn more about how to prepare your property at

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