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National Preparedness Level at 5, PCI Says Its Time for a Wildfire Reality Check


Mother Nature is packing a punch this September with wildfires and hurricanes. Wildfires are raging across many western states. Homeowners and renters that sustain damage from a wildfire should immediately reach out to your agent or insurance company and start the claims process. One phone call starts the road to rebuilding. You can also reach your insurer on their app or company website.

The National Interagency Fire Center reports there are 65 major active fires burning in western states with 50 of those large fires currently uncontained. The National Fire Preparedness Level has been elevated to 5. So far 1.5 million acres have burned. Property losses have not all been tallied as the fire fights continue.

Homeowners and renters not impacted by these wildfires should take the time to complete a Wildfire Reality Check to make sure your finances are prepared. Log onto and learn how to update your insurance and make a home inventory. These simple steps will make the recovery process much easier.

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