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COVID-19 Increases Importance of Being Ready for Wildfire Season

Raging wildfires have already occurred in parts of the U.S. this year. As we move into the summer months, hot and dry conditions are expected in many states and the threat of wildfire will only grow. The COVID-19 pandemic increases the importance of families being prepared for wildfire season this year. If you are forced to evacuate, advanced planning may be needed to identify safe destinations due to social distancing concerns. Additionally, face masks and hand sanitizer should be incorporated into your emergency supply kit.

In addition to taking COVID-19 into consideration when developing your emergency and preparedness plans, families and businesses should take steps now to prepare their property and finances. This includes maintaining five feet of defensible space around your home or business. An Ember Resistant Check-Up can help determine the steps you need to take.

Prepare your finances by making a home inventory and calling your insurer or insurance agent to review your policy. Make sure you have enough insurance coverage to recover if your home is destroyed or damaged by wildfire.

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