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Early Predictions Call for Mild Winter
With Winter Around the Corner, PCI has Tips to Protect Your Property

The 200-year old tradition continues, as the Farmers’ Almanac is already predicting that winter will have above-normal temperatures and below-normal snowfall almost everywhere in the United States.

While Mother Nature will be the judge of how accurate the Almanac is this year, winter 2017-18 proved to be much warmer than average across northern, central and western Alaska, the southeast and southwestern parts of the country, while the High Plains, parts of the Pacific Northwest, southeastern Alaska, and southern Texas experienced below normal temperatures. Elsewhere, temperatures were around average.

Nevertheless, billions of dollars in damages resulted from winter storms last year. Severe winter weather often produces traffic accidents, collapsed roofs, power outages and damage caused by ice dams. However, the largest cause of insured losses comes from frozen pipes bursting. Regardless of the cause of covered loss, when severe weather leads to property damage, insurers are prepared to work with consumers to minimize the inconveniences and help make the insurance claims process go as smoothly as possible. 

PCI plays a leading role in providing consumers with important insurance information to help educate them about insurance and winter storms.

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