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  • Privacy, Reviver, and Risk Based Pricing/Underwriting Maps/Charts
  • Attached is both a chart and map for each issue highlighting if legislation is pending,enacted, or failed.

    Updates as of Friday, April 12, 2019 include:


    • Indiana - Legislation was previously amended to a summer study. The bill did not receive a hearing in the second half of session and has therefore failed.
    • Montana - Bill extending the statute of limitations and contains a limited one-year reviver passed the Senate and is back in the House for concurrence.
    • Oregon - Legislation was recently amended that would extend the statute of limitations. The longer limits apply to "all actions commenced on or after the effective date of this 2019 Act, including any action that would have been barred by application of any period of limitations prior to the effective date of this 2019 Act."
    • Wisconsin - Legislation to create a sexual abuse reviver remains pending introduction. APCIA will continue to monitor its introduction.


    • Maryland - The bills similar to the California Consumer Privacy Act did not pass,but the departmental bill requiring a carrier to notify the Insurance Commissioner of a data breach was amended to address APCIA concerns.
    • Texas - Legislation similar to the California Consumer Privacy Act passed out of committee this week. The bill would require notification to the AG for any data breach that affects at least 250 Texas residents.
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