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  • Staff Contact: Nicole Mahrt-Ganley     
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  • September 27, 2019
  • National Preparedness Month: Renters Also Need to Mitigate and Prepare Financially
  • SACRAMENTO, Calif — When natural disasters strike, renters — just like homeowners — face the prospects of devastating damage. However, the American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) is encouraging renters to take steps to reduce the potential for property damage and protect what they own with renters insurance, which can be the key to recovery.

    For a variety of reasons, many renters lack insurance coverage and this preparedness gap leaves them vulnerable to natural disasters, fires, and unexpected events that can ruin their clothes, electronics, furniture, and other things they own.

    “While landlords may be responsible to carry insurance on the structure of the home or apartment, they are generally not responsible for protecting a renters’ personal belongings,” said Michael Richmond-Crum, manager of personal lines and counsel for APCIA. “If renters take a few simple steps now they can protect their belongings and make recovery much smoother.”

    APCIA offers the following tips for renters to get prepared:

    Consider Renters Insurance — Many auto insurers bundle renters insurance for very affordable monthly rates.

    Make a Home Inventory – Go through your home or apartment and video each room.  Document what you have in drawers and closets.  Keep your home inventory video outside of your residence.

    Update Your Policy – Keep receipts for new furniture or large purchases and be sure to do an insurance check-up annually with your agent or company.

    Mitigate Your Property – If you rent a home, work with your landlord to mitigate against whatever threat the home faces including hurricanes, flooding or wildfires.  IBHS has many tips on how to prepare your property. 

    “Renters insurance can also protect you if someone gets injured while visiting or provide Additional Living Expenses if your home becomes uninhabitable after a major catastrophe,” said Richmond-Crum.  “A renters insurance policy can give you peace of mind that you are covered if the unexpected happens.”

  • The American Property Casualty Insurance Association (APCIA) is the primary national trade association for home, auto, and business insurers. APCIA promotes and protects the viability of private competition for the benefit of consumers and insurers, with a legacy dating back 150 years. APCIA members represent all sizes, structures, and regions—protecting families, communities, and businesses in the U.S. and across the globe.
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