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The value of joining PCI is clear from your first day of membership. It starts with having the most respected, persuasive voice on Capitol Hill and in 50 statehouses representing you and our industry. Then, when you add access to the best legislative, regulatory and compliance information in the industry, you have a true business asset.

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Seven Unmatchable Benefits of Joining PCI
Benefit #1: PCI is the industry gold standard for advocacy
PCI is the trusted voice on Capitol Hill - on both sides of the aisle. Legislators trust us for data-driven information. They know our positions represent the industry's most diverse membership. Our messages are heard by the right people at the right time.

Legislators and regulators trust both our information and our expertise. PCI staff includes former legislators and commissioners. Our expert staff covers the nation from offices in Chicago and Washington, D.C. plus regional offices in Albany, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Denver, Sacramento, Olympia (WA), Tallahassee and Trenton.

Politico, considered the go-to source for information on Capitol Hill, recently highlighted our effectiveness in the advocacy arena, calling PCI "a powerful influence industry force."

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Benefit #2: PCI thought leadership is member driven
Our goal is to foster a competitive private insurance marketplace for the benefit of consumers and insurers. We - and our members - know that no single company can do it alone.

Our success begins with thought leadership. We identify the trends as they emerge. We stay ahead of the curve. We go beyond observing and reporting -we shape the conversation and impact the outcome. By the time an issue moves to the legislative or regulatory process, the PCI policy engine has made our position known to decision makers.

The 17 standing PCI committees are driven by involved members and are open to all. This is where information is shared and positions are shaped. Committees meet by conference call and in person as needed. When an issue arises that needs immediate attention, PCI is nimble. We gather a task force whose work is focused on a specific issue, then dissolves when the goal is accomplished.

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Benefit #3: PCI PAC is the industry's largest
PCI PAC is the largest company trade association PAC in the property casualty insurance industry. Our track record for supporting candidates who support our industry is undeniable.

PCI has a fully staffed grassroots program, Insurers for Action. By joining the program and becoming key contacts, members urge legislators to support positions leading to a healthy and competitive marketplace. Their impact is impressive.

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Benefit #4: PCI is home to the experts
The PCI staff is a gathering of acknowledged experts from the industry. Our members come to think of them as an extension of their own staff. Their practical understanding of the industry in more than 200 subject areas - as well as relationships with other industries with whom we

often form powerful coalitions for mutual benefit - gives our members access to experience and insight that is unmatchable. As evidence of PCI's commanding industry knowledge, it is PCI experts who are often quoted in newspapers and electronic media. Each year more than 1,000 PCI mentions appear in media outlets across the country. Reporters and their editors look to us for informed, factual and balanced commentary.

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Benefit #5: PCI is the industry's information powerhouse
PCI members have all the information they need to avoid the high cost of non-compliance, to make good business decisions and to stay on top of emerging trends and breaking news. As you click around this Web site, you'll see why PCI members start each day by logging on - two million visits to date and 2.5 million pages of members-only content. PCI is also the industry leader in harnessing integrated media channels, particularly when it comes to leading issue-specific coalitions. No one does more to keep the property casualty industry informed.

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Benefit #6: PCI is the industry's source for compliance data
PCI tracks thousands of bills and regulations - not just the what, but the why and how it impacts our members. We provide expert analysis and interpretation of the effect of bills and regulations. The result: our members save time and the cost of noncompliance.

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Benefit #7: PCI brings the industry together
PCI seminars, Webinars, workshops, conferences and meetings offer members a year's worth of learning and networking opportunities. And, because the agendas and contents of these gatherings are driven by members of related committees, they're tightly focused on member needs.

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To learn about becoming a member of PCI, e-mail Susan Shepherd at or call her at 847-553-3748.