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The media landscape is changing rapidly with the decline of traditional news outlets and the rise of emerging social media vehicles. Millions of consumers are turning to a variety of online resources to obtain news, access information and quickly answer questions.

As an advocacy organization, it is critical we evaluate how and where people are obtaining information and being mobilized to take action. From tracking newspaper circulation information and active users of social media vehicles, it is clear the property casualty industry needs to engage with policymakers, thought leaders and consumers through social media strategies, as well as traditional tactics.

Engaging Audiences on Multiple Fronts
Taking advantage of every opportunity to engage our stakeholders, PCI is using a comprehensive social media strategy to drive our advocacy campaigns and advance member interests. We have successfully used social media techniques on a variety of campaigns, and PCI public affairs can provide assistance and additional resources to PCI members interested in creating and implementing a social media plan.

For more information, please contact Marguerite Tortorello, senior vice president of public affairs, at marguerite.tortorello@pcia or 847-553-3604. or 847-553-3609.

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