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PCI Represents the Industry in Hurricane Irene Coverage and Recovery
Hurricane Irene pounded the Eastern seaboard this weekend, impacting communities from North Carolina to Vermont. Insurers and residents will begin massive recovery efforts this week as the more than two million Americans return home after evacuating from strong winds and floods.

Impacted By Hurricane Irene?
Policyholders who need help from Hurricane Irene should contact their insurance company and begin the claims process as soon as possible. Check out PCI's list of toll-free insurance company numbers for assistance. For additional hurricane information, visit the PCI Hurricane Headquarters web page.

News Coverage
Since Irene developed in the Atlantic, PCI has been the go-to insurance resource for regulators, lawmakers and the media. Insurers are pre-positioned and ready to deploy into affected communities and the industry is strong, stable and ready to handle claims to aid local recovery.


PCI's Don Griffin Analyzes Insurance Industry Post-Hurricane (Fox News)
In a segment on Fox Business' Bulls & Bears, PCI's Don Griffin discusses the importance of protecting your largest investment-your property-in light of Hurricane Irene and future natural disasters we may face.

PCI's Sampson Discusses Hurricane Preparedness on MSNBC (MSNBC)
PCI President and CEO David Sampson discusses community preparedness and insurance issues with MSNBC's Alex Witt in advance of Hurricane Irene's landfall.

PCI President Shares Tips as Irene Makes Landfall (Fox News)
PCI President and CEO David Sampson joins Fox News' Martha McCallum and Bill Hemmer to urge coastal residents to brace for Hurricane Irene and give final insurance advice in advance of the storm.


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